100.00 KSh gps tracker, car gps tracker, gps tracker for fuel monitoring

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Security & insurance Published date: March 4, 2013 Modified date: October 16, 2013
  • Country: Kenya
  • State: Nairobi
  • City: Nairobi
    GPS tracker for remote fuel monitoring Car tracker for remote fleet managementGPS tracking device with fuel monitoring and cameraCar tracking system for voice monitoringOnline tracking system with Google map
    Real time GPS Tracking Online (Uniguard Protocol) Real time SMS Tracking by cell phone Track on Demand Track by Time Interval Internal Backup Battery SOS alarm (3 Preset SOS numbers) Geo-fence Alarm/ Movement Alarm Multiple Areas Entering/Leaving Alarm Speeding Alarm External Power cut Alarm Engine Cut (Engine immobilization via SMS/Online) ACC Detection (Engine ON/OFF Checking) Address name reply Remote Voice Monitoring (Listen-In) Two-way Voice Speaking Image MonitoringFuel Monitoring LED Advertising screen (Optional) RFID support to identify driver (Optional) Application 1.Taxi fleet management 2.Public bus management and dispatch 3.School bus security 4.Security transport company 5.Oil transport company 6.Logistics company 7.Big company with fleets 8.Fire engine management 9.Ambulance tracking and management 10.Police car management 11.Goverment trucks management 12.Construction heavy trucks management 13.Insurance Company Why choose us? 1) Now Uniguard GPS is becoming the leading manufacturer of Vehicle GPS Tracker in China. Thanks to our staffs hardworking and sincere service for more than 5 years, Uniguard has been recognized as A Reliable Partner for GPS Tracker in global market. 2) R&D Team in Uniguard regularly study and research for new & different types of GPS Tracker for different purposes. 3) Due to Uniguard advanced technology, strict quality control management & competitive price, we gain orders from Government Purchasing in both domestic market and overseas market. 4) Uniguard engineers guarantees you quicker & better technical support. Delivery Usually we deliver goods by DHL, FedEx or EMS. You can also appoint other ways for delivery. Delivery time:1-3days after payment be confirmed. Goods take normally 3-5days to reach you. Special technical service: 1.All of our devices have two years warranty 2.Help you setup your own GPS tracking system 3.Free server service period: 12-month 4.We accept OEM and customized orders.(logo, functions, language) Optional Information: - Payment : TT or Western Union or Paypal - Delivery : Two days - Origin : Shenzhen - Minimum Order : 2pcs - Packaging : Box - Inspection : Good - Samples : Charge Contacts: Company: Uniguard Technology Limited Site:

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