59950000.00 KSh For sale business & residetial property

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Plots & properties Published date: November 20, 2012 Modified date: October 16, 2013
  • Country: Kenya
  • State: Mombasa
  • City: Kilifi
  • City area: Mtwapa
  • Address: Main Msa/Malindi Rd Mtwapa
  •  The property is in the heart of new Mtwapa on the Main road 2 KM from beach and neighbours are Nakumatt (Mtwapa) , 2nd Tusky`s (Mtwapa)  , Kendas Hotel, Danicha Plaza, Mtwapa Elite Academy and a new Condo development.    
    GROUND FLOOR: In the front there is a large 2 unit Pub/restaurant with large veranda and beer garden.
    There are 9 more units hosting computer internet cafe` s ,Tailor`s ,Hairdresser’s , Beauty Shop, Estate Agent`s and Hardware shop`s .
    1st FLOOR: Has a total of 9 apartments consisting of 2 new large 1 bedroom apartments (75 m sq approx.),7 newly built smaller bedsitters all with balconies.
    All apartments and bedsitters have individual balconies, toilets, kitchens with fitted wooden double doors `tiled floors and free water.
    Work to build roof top restaurant has started to include built pillars to support the roof of the restaurant proposed.
    The  property has officially been valued at K. sh. 70 million K.sh  and must be seen. Floors are all tiled with hand carved wooden double doors!!! Lovely! Price has been dropped to 59 million as some personal finishing is still required.
    This is a very good price for a property of this type as it includes residential and business options all in one building. Location is prime being on the main MSA/Malindi Road and property prices are climbing as we speak.   
    For serious buyers an evaluation and full description will be sent on request
    We will be having an OPEN HOUSE where public and estate agents will be invited to view the property around December 7rd, 2012 to December 13th, 2012.


    TypeFOR SALE
    Num. Rooms15
    Num. Bathrooms12
    Square Meters3500
    Square Meters (total)5500
    Num. Floors2
    ZoneMtwapa (new town0

    Other characteristics

    • Heating
    • Air Condition
    • Terrace

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