1500.00 KSh Best Price Car Tints in Nakuru, 0719204049

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Car Parts Published date: May 18, 2018
  • Country: Kenya
  • State: Nakuru
  • City: Nakuru
  • City area: Tapoos Complex Next To Westside Mall
  • Address: 33369 - 00600 Nairobi Kenya
  • Get Heat Resistant Car Window tint , Sun Shade Films For Car Glass that deliver efficient, long-lasting protection. We stock a variety of  basic affordable to top range tints with different shades & work with you, to determine the best product based on your individual needs. 

    Some of these benefits include:

    – Durable, long-lasting, scratch resistant and easy to maintain

    – Blocks 99.9% of the sun’s harmful UV rays

    – Reduces fading of your upholstery, and other interiors

    – Reduces the sun glare on windows, improving conditions for driving in your car

    – Helps control interior heat of your car, keeping the heat inside in the winter, and outside in the summer

    – Helps contain shattered glass, minimizing the danger involved in an accident, rough weather or vandalism

    Visit us in Nairobi along Ngong road Opposite Nakumatt Prestige at Rehema and in Westlands, Muthithi road, plot 82, and in Mombasa we are located at Makupa Roundabout, Lutheran Church next to Lota Motors & Nakuru at Tapoos Complex next to WestSide Mall.

    We also do: Car Alarms, Car Tints, Car Audio/Visuals, FM-Expanders, Car Amplifiers, Reverse Cameras, Car Identity & Riveting, Number Plate Chrome, Car Buffing, Speakers & Cabinets, Car Diagnosis, Aircon & Rim.

    Ngong Rd Branch – 0722921535 
    Westlands Branch – 0 703453022
    Makupa Branch – 0729011181

    Nakuru Branch - 0719204047.

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