1500.00 KSh Car riveting service in Nakuru, 0719204049

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Car Parts Published date: May 19, 2018
  • NAJ TRACKING & ACCESSORIES, is offering riveting services for all your car needs at a very affordable price. We are dedicated to ensure that you side mirror, door handles, logos, Side Lamps, Bumpers, door sun-shields are secure, firm and smart.

    Visit us in Nairobi at Rehema Place, Ngong Road Opp Nakumatt Prestige, and Westlands, Muthithi Road, Plot 82, & in Mombasa at Makupa Roundabout, Lutheran Church next to Lota Motors and Nakuru at Tapoos Complex next to WestSide Mall.

    We also do: car alarms, car tints, car audio/visuals, FM-expanders, car amplifiers, reverse cameras, number plate chrome, car buffing, speakers and cabinets, car diagnosis, aircon and rim.

    Ngong Rd Branch – 0722921535
    Westlands Branch – 0703453022
    Nakuru Branch – 0719204047
    Makupa Branch – 0729011181.

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